Respiratory: ABGs, CPAP, Duoneb, etc.

Orders > Doctors’ Menu > ABGs/Respiratory (left side menu of pop-up box)

The main things you’ll use here are:

– Blood gases: remember to specify room air in the comments on the order.

– Inpatient Respiratory Treatment Menu: for breathing treatments.

– Respiratory free text: this is how you provide patient with a loaner CPAP, “Please provide patient with loaner CPAP, thanks.” Also the way you order ambulation pulse ox check, “Please walk patient and check oxygen saturation, thanks.”

How to order Nebulizer at discharge:

Consults tab > New Consult > Prosthetic Ordering Menu (upper right-hand side) > Nebulizer (Pulmo Aid) on left menu, midway down.

This is also how you order other “prosthetics” like shower benches, walkers ,etc. WHEN IN DOUBT use “Other Prosthetics Request”

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