Delinquent paperwork

The two most common types of delinquent paperwork are discharge summaries and conversions to full admission.

D/C Summaries

Get them done, and fast! Easiest way to keep up with them is to immediately generate an unsigned discharge summary when you admit the patient. You can change the filing date later. By generating it before discharge, you’ll have a pending unsigned document waiting for you in the Task list that pops up when you log into CPRS.

If you lose track of them, call Jerry sooner rather than later at extension 7816. He can print a list of pending documents at your team room printer at any time. Nothing good comes from putting this off…

Convert to Full Admission

A¬†patient can be¬†admitted as “Observation status” (meaning they have a 48 hour window until discharge or conversion). If they stay longer than 48 hours, they have to be converted to full admission. This has to do with reimbursement, so it’s important. The two steps to accomplish this are simple, but forgettable (hence why it can show up on your delinquency list):

  1. Doctors’ Menu:
  2. Notes tab >

To clear delinquent conversions, start a new note (#2 above) but backdate it to the <48 hour mark and sign it.

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