CPRS – Where do you find orders on CPRS!?!

Ordering blood at the VA:
Doctor’s menu. Blood products. Inpatient: type&screen/RBC. And Nursing admission over (transfusion).
– Sign consent form: paper forms at nursing stations
– Type and Cross
– Order blood products (2U PRBCs)
– Transfuse blood order

Order Echo:
Tab (bottom): Consults. New Consult (button). Consults/Procedures Menu. Medical Services. Cardiology consult menu. Cardiology Menu. Echo Menu. TTE (bottom option)

Order ISS:
Doctors’ Menu. Inpatient Pharmacy. SubQ Insulin Therapy. Sliding Scale.

Start Heparin drip:
Doctors’ Menu. Inpatient Pharmacy. Heparin Infusion Protocol. Select Low or High intensity. (Select LOW intensity WITH bolus!!!)

Transportation Note:
Choose 2nd on list.
Call admission: 7508

MRI Screening record:
Must be completed before a pt gets an MRI.

Foley catheter: Doctor’s menu, medical service, foley catheter order

PICC line: Doctor’s menu, medical services, IV line care.
PICC Line Placement.
Get chest X-ray to confirm placement
PICC Line Flush order set – ok to use.

NG tube placement: Doctor’s menu, medical service, (right side) NG tubes placement order set.

DNAR: do not attempt to resuscitate.
“Resuscitation status (DNAR) note.” Attending must cosign.

CIWA protocol:
Doctor’s menu, inpatient pharmacy, (left) substance withdrawal treatment protocol, Lorazepam Assessment Driven Protocol for Floor.

Transfer to full admission (from obs):
Doctors’ menu – Conversion to Full Admission

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