START screening everyone at 50 years old (unless family Hx of colon cancer Dx before 60 years old)

  • No Family Hx of colon cancer Dx pre-60ys: Repeat every 10 years if first was normal
  • Repeat every 3-5 years if polyp found on last screen.

Positive family Hx of colon cancer Dx prior to 60 years old:

  • Begin screening 10 years before relative was diagnosed with colon cancer OR at the age of 40*** (whichever is earliest!)
  • Repeat screening every 5 years.

Pt diagnosed with colon cancer in the past:

  • Repeat colonoscopy every 1 year.
  • Order screening Chest X-ray to look for metastasis to the lungs.

Pt with UC: (increases risk of colon cancer)

  • Annual colonoscopy recommended starting 8-10 years after diagnosis with UC.

STOP screening at 75 years old.

  • If patient has a history of colon cancer though, continue screening beyond 75 years old.

Prior to Colonoscopy:

  • Need to hold Plavix/Coumadin/Effient/Xarelto/Eliquis/Pradaxa for 5 days prior to Colonoscopy.
    • The patient is to restart taking Plavix following her Colonoscopy per the recommendation of GI.

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