Recruitment – Birmingham, Alabama

Recruitment – Birmingham, Alabama:

My name is James McMinn, M.D., and I am seeking a physician to join our team at McMinn Clinic. I am interested in contacting doctors in your residency program who are nearing completion of their residency and who might be interested in joining our practice.  Can you please advise me as to how to share this information with them?  My contact information by email is ( or by phone is (205-868-1313).   Thank you for your time.  I genuinely appreciate your assistance in our search for a physician to join our practice.

James McMinn, M.D

Position Available:  Physician with interest in Integrative and Functional Medicine

Dr. McMinn, owner of McMinn Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, is seeking a physician to join our medical clinic, a clinic dedicated to Integrative and Functional Medicine.  The position provides the opportunity to collaborate with and be mentored by an experienced physician trained in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine.  We welcome candidates new to the field who are passionate and dedicated to expanding their knowledge base in Integrative and Functional Medicine.

This position offers:
•        4-day work week (full time)
•        Clinic hours 9 am – 6 pm
•        Average number of patients is 7-10 per day
•        Plenty of time with patients
•        No insurance challenges
•        No call; No weekends; No hospital rounds
•        A wonderful supportive staff and great working conditions
•        Benefits and competitive pay
•        Partnership opportunities may be available for the right candidate

McMinn Clinic currently sees adults only, so we are interested in a provider who would also like to care for children and teens, though this is not a requirement.

The clinic’s special areas of interest include:  fatigue/fibro, gut health, autoimmune disease, women’s health, sexual health, brain health, thyroid optimization, bioidentical hormone therapy, metabolic medicine, heavy metal detoxification, nutrition, and weight management.

Please email James McMinn, M.D. for more information:

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