Restrictive Lung Disease

Restrictive lung disease:

  • Diagnose from PFTs
  • Labs to order: Hypersensitivity pneumonitis blood, extractable nuclear antigen antibodies (ANA), FANA blood serum, Scleroderma antibody blood serum, Jo-1 antibody blood serum, anti-DNA (ss) IgG blood serum, anti-DNA double strand blood (SLE), anti-histone antibodies blood serum (drug-induced SLE), Sjogren’s antibodies blood serum, Glomerular basement membrane antibodies (Goodpasture’s syndrome), HIV antibody screen, Angiotensin converting enzyme blood serum (Sarcodoma), CRP, ESR, Rhematoid factor (Rhematoid Arthritis), CCP IgG/IgA antibodies blood serum, CBC, CMP, and EKG, scl-70, ss-A, ss-B, anti-Smith, hypersensitivity panel

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