Suicidal patient:

  • Admit to adult special care unit or PCU. Telemetry bed.
  • Initiate suicide precautions including having a ***1-on-1 sitter*** for the patient (suicidal ideation) – pt safety.
  • (If alcohol abuse/withdrawal): Begin Delirium Tremens protocol (see below)
    1. Place patient on the CIWA protocol for alcohol withdrawal and monitor closely for symptoms.
  • Order toxicology: alcohol plasma level, UDS (urine drug screen) acetaminophen level, salicylate level.
  • Consult Pyschiatry (who may choose to commit pt and may consult Crisis Response)
  • Consult Respond (psych):
    1. Under comments section, type “Medically stable.”
    2. Once medically stable, consult Respond for possible inpatient detox (if alcoholic) or for further management of uncontrolled depression, assess whether pt needs to be admitted to Woodridge.
  • DVT prophylaxis: SCD.
  • Disposition: Once medically stable, patient will likely transfer to Woodridge Hospital (or E2 at the VA) secondary to suicidal attempt.

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