• Intense itching at night (sleeps with a brush to scratch), not responding to Tx for contact dermatitis.
  • Key Parts of the Exam: papular rash with scratch signs around it
  • ***Spreading (but spares the face)
  • Located in crevices: antecubital fossa, popliteal fossa, along waist, in groin, under breast
  • Tx for possible scabies. Pt is advised about having all clothing, towels, and bedding washed with hot water and also tx all other individuals living in the same house. RTC in one week if symptoms persist
  • Permethrin 5% external cream
    1. If Permethrin treatment failsIvermectin PO
  • Cellulitis – secondary limited infection around a few lesions on left arm: Mupirocin 2 % External Ointment (superficial localized cellulitis)

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