• Give Klor-Con (Potassium Chloride) 20-40 mEq PO X 1 dose vs scheduled (qd) (K+ supplementation). Recheck K+ daily with daily BMPs.
    • Of note: 10mEq of potassium will increase patient’s serum potassium by 0.1. Ex: Patient’s serum potassium is 3.3, they need 20mEq to increase it to 3.5, low normal level.
      • PO or IV: 10mEq will increase potassium by 0.1
        • Potassium Chloride 40mEq PO
        • Potassium Chloride inj, soln 40mEq in normal saline inj 500ml IV over 240 minutes (over 4 hours) once
  • Could also add K+ to IV fluid maintenance fluid: “D5/½ NS + 20 mEq KCL @ 125 ml/hr” or KCl 40 mEq/400cc NS given over 4 hours.
    • Only use IV if patient is unable to swallow any pills/liquids or if the patient has very low potassium level that needs to be corrected quickly.
  • Check Magnesium level too! (low K+ won’t correct without correcting low Mg2+ too). Recheck magnesium daily.
    1. Magnesium Oxide: Mag-Ox 400mg PO bid
    2. ***Magnesium Sulfate 1-2g (8-16 mgEq)50ml IVX 1dose

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